On The Bus with Brandon Scott…
While artists tour from radio station to  radio station the sometimes get lucky (Ok maybe unlucky) and get questions from outlets like The Bus thrown at them.   We are kicking off a feature called On The Bus With… It will be 6-8 questions we want to know about the artist.
We had a chance to ask Brandon Scott a few questions about his upcoming release Noise. Brandon has a special release party planned on April 7th in Belleville and we may just have a pair of passes up for grabs over on our Facebook Page now…

Q1.  How was putting together the upcoming album different than past projects?
A1.  Putting this album together was a big change for me. I’ve always been part of a group (band) so to have complete creative control was different but it has been something that I’ve really enjoyed. To
able to choose the people I wanted to work with i.e Producers, musicians and to be able to write and
record the songs and type of songs I wanted to record was an amazing experience. This project
really has my imprint on everything.
Q2. Who did you get a chance to work with in making of the album?
A2.  It was great to work hand & hand a long side industry veterans. I tried to take it all in and really
learn from them to try to improve my craft of writing and recording. Producers Bart Busch &
Jason Matthews really had a vision for how these tracks needed to be recorded and the sound we
were after. We were a great team constantly bouncing new & exciting ideas off each other, to get
the best recordings possible. Billy Panda was my band leader. It was so cool to work with such a
great musician that has been apart of so many great projects over the years. To see him excited
and eager to record my songs after all the amazing artists he’s worked with over the years truly
amazed me. I learned a lot from Billy.

Brandon Scott – Photo: Scott Burns

Q3.  Is there one song on the album you are most excited for the world to hear?
A3.  I’m really excited for the release of “NOISE”, being my first single as a solo artist I felt it was
extremely important for my first single to make a statement. Noise does that, the meaning for Noise
is just this: If you want to be heard and you want people to remember you, you need to kick, yell,
create a scene that makes you stand out!! Don’t sit back idle and wait for things to come to you,
if you want something you have to go after it!
Q4. Moving into a solo career is there something you are either nervous or excited about?
A4. I’m so excited for this new chapter in my musical career. I really can’t wait for people to hear what
I’ve created and been working on over the past year. I’m excited for people to get to know me as a
solo artist.
Q5. How is the summer looking for tour dates for you?
A5. My summer is starting to come together. Together with my team, we’ll be announcing whats to come shortly – so be ready to mark down some future dates to you can catch me in action.
Q6. What part of the process. Writing / Recording or live performance do you enjoy most?
A6. I really enjoy the creative aspect of writing and recording but my true passion is getting on a stage
to entertain. There is no better feeling as an artist then being on a stage standing in front of all your
fans, family & friends singing your heart out. Seeing their faces light up when you play their
favorite songs, getting to see the joy and fun people are having while they sing along with you. I’ll
never forget the first time I heard the words to a song sang back to me by a crowd it sent such
emotion through my body, it really is a feeling you can’t describe but it is truly amazing and
makes me so thankful to everyone that I can do this.
Q7. How do you feel Social media can help get the word out to the country faithful about the new music?
A7. Social media is vital in today’s world. I really hope that people can relate to my new music. That
they share it with their friends and families and make people aware that I’m back ! It’s crazy to
think that something I’ve created can be shared around the planet in a matter of seconds by the
click of a button.

Brandon Scott – Photo: Scott Burns

Cold Creek at WCOH

Brandon Scott – Photo: Mike Highfield

Brandon Scott Launch Party

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