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Tour Bus Entertainment is the cumulative effort of seven guys (and one unlucky, tolerant gal) with combined social media and professional photography experience of over 80 years. This doesn’t make us old – just seasoned. 

Tour Bus Entertainment was born of a mutual love of music and the people who make music memorable. Tour Bus Entertainment strives to bring music lovers closer to the music and the musicians they love through interviews, live social streaming, live concert coverage and reviews, album reviews, exclusive contests, meet and greets, Mason Jar Sessions, festival coverage and leading concert announcements.

The live concert experience doesn’t have to end the minute you walk through the exit turnstile (or in the case of a festival, stumble to your RV, tent or ditch), and if you aren’t able to make your favorite gig you can count on TBE to make you feel like you were there or, if you’re one of our lucky contest winners, get you there in person.

Thanks for jumpin’ on board, Buckle Up this is gonna be one hell of a ride.

If you would like to have one of our photographers cover your event feel free to contact us EMAIL media@tourbusentertainment.com.

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The Team…


Growing up in small town Ontario my entire life (Arnprior) and getting to attend events like the Salute To The Ottawa Valley and The Ottawa Exhibition as really my only opportunity to see live shows.  I remember the 1st show I attended it was Corey Hart during his stop at the Ottawa Ex in August of ’85.  It was actually my sister that went but I was lucky enough to have an usher sneak me in and watch 2 or 3 songs and thinking, how cool is this.   I also remember making the trek down to Ottawa to catch David Lee Roth’s Skyscraper Tour with one of my favorite 80’s rock bands ever in Poison.  They opened the show in August of ’88.  I still vividly remember David Lee Roth hoisted above the audience in a Boxing Ring suspended above the audience then riding a surf board over the crowd to get back to the stage.   Seriously seeing that at 12 was just amazing and really sparked the passion to attend every show I could and really have since then.

I truly do love music.  My go to over the past 20 years has been country but recall purchasing Garth Brooks No Fences back in ’90 and really falling in love with the stories that Garth was telling.  I can also remember that Please Hammer Don’t Hurt’em by MC Hammer being the first CD I ever purchased.   I currently reside in the GTA and have 2 amazing children and one hell of a wife.

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I hate sitting still, which is kind of ironic as I hate motion blur in my images…

When sitting still, I get antsy and end up yearning for adventures, and I feel like that inclination is part of the reason I’m so drawn to photographing music. It allows me to capture the thrill of moment, like a kid catching fire flies on a summer night. I shot my first concert two years ago as an audition for a job as a bar photographer at my university campus. Through that job I befriended one of the official Boots and Hearts DJs who invited me to rage with him across Ontario in the summer of 2017. This was lucrative for me personally and photographically as I found myself addicted to a life on the road with my camera somewhere near by. In that year’s time I’ve been fortunate work closely with artists such as Andrew Hyatt and The Reklaws, while honing my craft as a lens-jockey devoted to capturing moments that are genuine, honest and with emotion that comes from the simple notion of being alive in a moment. I find my home on the road wherever there is gluten free pizza, a pair of well worn converse and a camera prepared to help me tell stories that will last long after the last musical note finishes echoing through once-filled auditoriums and festival grounds.

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I am a professional photographer from Ottawa, Ontario. Mostly know for musician and commercial work.  Having worked with many garage bands, bands starting out to Grammy Nominees. My music photography work has graced the pages of a few many mags. ( Canadian Musician, Chatelaine, The Toronto Star, Fine Lifestyles) As well most of my work is for the artist & labels.  I have had the opportunity to work with Open Road, Rebel Waltz, Hollywood Records, Disney Records, Sonic Records, Feldman and more. Working with acts like Tim Hicks, The OffSpring, Alan Doyle, Great Big Sea, Matt Anderson, SoundGarden, Amanda Rheaume, Kelly Prescott, and many others. I also enjoy shooting, band promotional photography, commercial work with CTV, The Amazing Race, TSN, NEW Country 94 and many other rad business.

I also have to mention that I spend a lot of time on humanitarian projects . I launched Pets with Personalities in 2010 and have raised over $25000 for the Ottawa Boys and Girls club and various animal rescues ( Ottawa Humane Society, Hopeful Hearts, Ottawa Dog Rescue). As well I sit on the board for an amazing event in Ottawa, RINGSIDE FOR YOUTH. An amazing event that raises money for the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club. In June I donate a couple days to help out Jason Blaine in Pembroke to raise some money for the Pembroke Boys and Girls Club. When I’m not in the pit I am hanging with the other part of Sean Sisk Photography …my wife Erin who does all the behind the scenes fun stuff, my 3 girls and my kick ass Bernese Mountain dog…Rylee. Enjoying some hockey, cooking and cold pint.  I got here by taking a photography class in grade 10 in High School and getting a 50%…

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I love trying to get  “THE” shot : capturing that moment in a performance that shows the artist’s raw emotion. I always work to capture an artist in the most flattering manner. After all, if they look good, I look good, right? That is what I strive for every time I shoot.

I have been a music photographer since 1983. I have photographed artists onstage, backstage and beyond. Past photo assignments/publishings include: Ampex Recording Tapes, Q107FM, Metallion Magazine, Warner Music Canada, Hit Parader Magazine, Sound Check Entertainment, The Lovelocks.

I am always listening to music – and I mean constantly. And that includes many genres (Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Reggae). I have been going to live concerts since I was 12, and playing guitar since I was 13. So, combining my love of music with my passion for photography was just such a natural fit for me. Live event photography is what I love to do!

It is a privilege and an honour to be working with this team of awesome and creative professionals.

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I am a Professional Photographer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia with plenty of experience photographing musicians, festivals, concerts and events. James is one of the premier East Coast Photographers when it comes to live events. I can often be found shooting many of the events in Eastern Canada such as Cavendish Beach Music Festival, Royal International Tattoo Festival, Casino-NS and many of the professional sports teams based in Halifax.

I strive to capture that one photo that tells the story and mood of the event and often receives positive feedback from his subjects.  Over the years I have developed a strong fan base and am often in demand to cover many of the events in the Maritimes.

I am a recent Music Nova Scotia nominee in 2015 for Visual Artist of the Year and is currently up for East Coast Music Association Media Person of the Year. I am also proud member of Music Nova Scotia and the Canadian Country Music Association.

Some of my favourite moments over the years have been attending the Zac Brown Band Concert at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre.  Covering many festivals as the official photographer, I truly enjoy shooting for the Cavendish Beach Music Festival each summer in PEI. Another favourite moment  was covering the CCMA Music Week in Halifax, NS in 2015.

I have to say I really enjoy country music especially Canadian Country Music with some of my favourite acts being Dallas Smith, Brett Kissel and Jess Moskaluke one of my favourite artists continues to be Brantley Gilbert and find a real connection with the hit song “One Hell of an Amen”.

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Born and raised in rural Southern Ontario. I have had a passion for live music for as long as I can remember. Combined with my passion for photography, it is easy to see why I get

so much enjoyment from photographing live bands in and around the London, ON, area.    Growing up in the country, it didn’t take long for my country roots to come through. Photographing

some of the biggest names in the country music industry has been an honor and a privilege most can only dream of.

This life-long passion to be behind the scenes of live music has aided me in my ability to capture

special moments on stage with my camera. The days of working behind a soundboard, designing light

shows, and helping produce musical events, all combine to show my passion for the live

entertainment industry.

When I am not out shooting photos of a band or performances on stage, I enjoy time at home with

my super talented wife, Kendra, who has a passion for live theatre. She can be found performing on

stage, directing and producing at The Enchanted Theatre Company. I also have a trusty sidekick,

Tucker, my favorite four legged model, a 65 lb English Bulldog.  It’s not uncommon in the summer to find me with the top off the Jeep, music cranked up, and heading to the next show to shoot photos. My cameras are always in tow for those one of a kind moments!

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I have always loved music, and that is something I inherited from my father. Growing up, we always had records on and he had seemingly an endless supply to choose from. To this day, he has a whole room dedicated to his records, posters, memorabilia, and photos from a lifetime of loving and supporting music and the arts. So, obviously that set me up to appreciate it all myself and it is something I proudly share with him.

I took up live music photography kind of naturally. I have always loved taking photos, almost to the frustration of some of my closest friends. I want to capture a moment I feel others might miss. My own social circle is composed of some very talented musicians, including my better half Bianca. This has helped and encouraged me to improve daily. I will never reach what I would imagine perfection is but, I love trying.

Tour Bus Entertainment is a great outlet to bring great artists we come across to life, for the readers and fans who might not have the chance to catch some of the shows happening across the country.

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