Jess Moskaluke just released a brand new EP titled Past The Past.  It’s a collection of songs that Jess has assembled that she really wanted to get out to the world and not get lost in an album as the 12th and 13th tracks. We had a chance to ask her a few questions about putting the album together. Here are her responses. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions.

How does it feel to get this EP out and drop some new music?
So great! It’s always an exciting thing to put out some fresh tunes.

What made you go to the EP instead of a full album this go around?
Honestly, because it allows me to put music out more frequently. Which allows me to be more creative and innovating and evolve my sound if/when it ever comes to that. A full album also usually contains songs that never see the light of day, and I think that’s really sad. Some of the best songs are “album cuts”! So EP seemed to be the way to solve all those issues with one swift release.

What song off this release do you feel you put the most effort into either writing or recording?
I really don’t think there was one on this record. I put a TON of effort into all of them! Haha.

Was the process on putting this one together any different from maybe past albums if so how?
Honestly not really. Best song wins. Best song always wins.

Current single is Kill Your Love.  Can you tell us the story behind this song? 
I would love to, but that would be unfair to the writers! So for now, I’ll stick to loving every minute of hearing other people’s interpretations. 🙂

Jess Moskaluke performs during the SiriusXM Showcase during CMW- Photo: Corey Kelly

What is one thing you aim to take away after releasing an album? 
I just love music. I love the writing process, the recording process, and the art of performing it afterwards. The whole experience is the take-away.

Tell us about the YouTube Live experience and what that launch event meant to you?
It was fun to finally be able to come back to the YouTube format! Definitely something I’ll be doing more of in the future. It was an intimate night with some contest winners that was live steamed and now lives on my YouTube channel. You can still check it out if you missed it!

If you could get anything at all for Christmas what would it be?  
Enough time to adopt/foster ALL the dogs. And like. Hang out with my human family too. Haha.

You have been announced to play the big New Years party in Niagara Falls what are you looking forward to the most about this experience?  
Honestly I’ve never seen Niagara Falls, OR Simple Plan play live. So to get to share the stage with both show stoppers will be a rush!

Thanks for taking the time Jess to answer these ones. Hope you have a great Christmas and enjoy the NYE show in the Falls.

Don’t MISS Jess & Friends Friday December 8th when Jess along with Megan Nash, David James Leaving Thomas and The Lovelocks come together for some special Christmas cheer!   Watch our socials for all the links.

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Jess Moskaluke – Photo: Scott Burns

Jess Moskaluke performs during the SiriusXM Showcase during CMW- Photo: Corey Kelly

High Valley perform during the SiriusXM Showcase during CMW- Photo: Corey Kelly

Jess Moskaluke performs during the SiriusXM Showcase during CMW- Photo: Corey Kelly


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