Logan Mize Brings a Good Time Opening for Cam

Come Back Road is the latest album from Kansas native Logan Mize, who is performing the opening duties for Cam on her Best Coast Tour, which rolled into Vancouver Dec. 14. Despite performing a stripped-down set with just his acoustic guitar and percussionist Jimmy, Mize managed to pump up the late-arriving crowd with a mix of new songs and old favourites, cracking a smile of astonishment as the audience sang along to each and every track. It was a little surprising he never got to his most successful song to date, Can’t Get Away from a Good Time, but with new hits like Cool Girls and Drinking Buddies, he clearly isn’t relying on it much.

Logan Mize in Vancouver – Photo: Tom Paillé

Logan Mize in Vancouver – Photo: Tom Paillé

Jimmy adding the beat

Cam Finally Makes Vancouver

Cam burst onto the Commodore Ballroom stage much like she burst onto the country music scene, with a shock of blond curls and a voice that commands attention. This was her first headlining gig (of nine dates), slated for the West Coast, though it wasn’t her first time scheduled to perform in Vancouver. Last year, she had to cancel her first appearance with Brad Paisley’s tour to attend the Grammy Awards, as she was nominated for her first hit single Burning House. She may not have won that Grammy, but that’s about the only thing that hasn’t gone the musician’s way lately. Her latest hit Diane, a new take on the classic Dolly Parton song Jolene, showcases both her strong vocals and songwriting abilities. Cam’s version tells the story from the ‘other’ woman’s perspective, and it’s a beauty! Making her way through the, the singer’s grace and style shone as bright as her gold platforms, and brilliant clouds that adorned the stage, which changed from bright and colourful to dark and stormy, matching the vocals in her songs to a T.

Cam in Vancouver

The Many Faces of Cam

Born and raised a city girl in California, it was her time spent on her grandparents’ farm that truly shaped Cam’s early musical influence, and where she learned to love the country classics. That homegrown heart can be heard throughout her set list, particularly during her beautiful and peaceful rendition of Patsy Cline’s Sweet Dreams, which she sang while seated on a monitor on the side of the stage, while the crowd swayed quietly with cellphone lights glowing. It was a truly surreal experience. Other songs like My Mistake came from a more personal place, and were just as enjoyable. From revenge songs to love songs to a capella moments, the quality and tone of her voice made every song special and showed her future in country music will be brighter than any cloud’s silver lining.

Cam on Cloud #9


Cam groovin’ at the Commodore

Story and photos by Tom Paille @tompaille

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