Corey’s Top 5 Pics of the Summer

We asked the team to compile what they thought were their top 5 shots of this summer.  Dates had to range from May 1 to August 31st.   And well for myself it has been a VERY long summer with 7 festivals under my belt and a few other shows in there for good measure I have compiled my top 5 as well as a little blurb about each so lets start.

#5 – The Road Hammers @ Kempenfest

This one was funny.  It took place in Barrie, Ontario at this summers Kempenfest.  The fellas of The Road Hammers were tearing it up and at one point of the song  Jason McCoy strolled over and asked Chris a pretty simple question. If the carpet matched the drapes?  And the expression on Clay’s face was epic.  The crowd    A moment in time captured of 3 friends enjoying themselves doing what they love doing.

The Road Hammers @ Kempenfest – Photo: Corey Kelly

 #4 – High Valley @ Cavendish Beach 

This was one of my favourite festivals EVER!  And to have a chance to capture these dudes rockin’ the stage was amazing.  Having shot the fellas a few times over the year I knew there were a few choice opportunities to capture them together.  The expression on Brad’s face sold me on this one.   And almost captures how great of a live show High Valley put on.

High Valley performs during CBMF 2017 – Photo: Corey Kelly

#3 – Cold Creek County @ Lucknow Music in the Fields

This pic was just right place, right time.   When the Lester brothers came together on the Lucknow Stage  I made a quick move to try to grab a better angle than directly into the light.   I  still wanted  to get Ches in the pic with the two embracing and also make sure some of the crowd was visible.  It’s also a perspective that we as photographers only wish we could get more often.   Having stage access throughout a show allows you time to focus on the artists and wait for the moments like this.

Cold Creek County perform at Lucknow Music In The Fields – Photo: Corey Kelly

#2 – Tim Hicks @ Lucknow Music in the Fields

Back to back favourites from Lucknow.  Another shot that most photographers may not get a chance to shoot that often.  This was happening during the end of Tim’s set at Lucknow.  Having seen a few shows over the last couple years I knew there was a point that they would all come together and hopefully make a little magic for the camera.  And magic they did.  I love the expressions on the faces and totally makes me want to go back and be there again. The fun these guys have on stage is ridiculous.  Hard to believe there is a strict “NO FUN” Policy in place on Tim’s shows.

Tim Hicks performs at Lucknow Music In The Fields – Photo: Corey Kelly

– Tim Comments on an earlier post…

#1 – Zac Brown Band @ Cavendish Beach Music Festival

This one takes top honours for a few reasons…

  2. It’s ZAC FRICKING BROWN from the PIT! (Not a rare occurrence these days)
  3. Shot during Cavendish Beach Music Festival where only 2 photographers were approved to shoot ZBB (Myself & good pal Jimmy Bennett)
  4. The emotion that you can see in the eyes as Zac was looking out at the 30,000+ people who were there taking in the performance.

Zac Brown Band perform @ Cavendish Beach Music Festival – Photo: Corey Kelly

I Love taking pictures.  And the opportunities that have come from Tour Bus Entertainment still amazes me.   From capturing intimate shows in small dark (not as smokey anymore) bars and clubs to the huge festivals & stadium shows.   It truly is incredible that people like yourself reading this take the time to stop in to read these stories / interviews & reviews.  All of us at The Bus appreciate it.  And to the artists that have allowed me to point a lens in their direction and capture my art through theirs, I Thank You!

Corey Kelly / @CoreyKelly76

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Corey’s Top 5

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