The Doobie Brothers at the PNE

Another hot August night saw another classic rock group bring their iconic library of music to the Summer Night Concerts at the PNE in Vancouver.  The everlasting group features three of the original Doobie Brothers in Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons, and John McFee and have added several members over the years.  Although Michael McDonald is not with the present tour, he still has performed with the group in recent years.  The set list for the evening started strong with ‘Jesus is Just Alright’,’ Taking it to the Streets’, and ‘Rockin’ Down the Highway’ and that is where my night ended.  Unfortunately, sometimes ‘First three, no flash’ really just means that.  Check out some images obtained from way back at the soundboard which was great for catching the whole stage experience, but I’ll need to upgrade the gear to get the usual amazing standard of photos for the Tour Bus.

John McFee thrills the PNE crowd

Patrick Simmons still enjoys the live performing

Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons and Marc Russo takin’ it to the streets

John Cowan crooning on a hot August night in Vancouver

John Cowan and drummer Ed Toth share a look while Patrick Simmons solos in Vancouver

Patrick Simmons soloing at the PNE

Tom Johnston and John McFee rockin’ down the highway


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