It’s not every month we get a kick ass album dropped in our lap and this is one of those “Have to share it with your friends” records. Erik Dylan’s Heart of a Flatland Boy is one of those albums that you will be telling friends about for years. From the moment you press play it is a trip, a trip that might bring some of  you back to the Bruce Springsteen / John Cougar Mellencamp days where they wrote about real life and talked about small town America. Well, Erik Dylan has resurrected that same feeling in his new album.  Erik isn’t a household name…yet.  But I have a feeling we are going to be hearing lots from Mr. Dylan in the coming months.

After listening to this album a couple dozen times over the last couple weeks it really does have a crazy amount of good tunes on it.  The album kicks off with the title track Flatland Boy.  It’s a story of growing up in Kansas and this tune sets up the album: Blue collar workers kind of stuff.

The album is laced with small town stories where guys work hard and put the time in the trenches to get what they own. The album is a masterpiece filled with songs that would make most songwriters only dream of having one song this good, but it’s the last two on the album that have had my attention for a couple years now. I was lucky enough to meet Erik a couple summers back when he played a small festival in Ontario.

Erik Dylan performs at Capital Country Fest – Photo: Sean Sisk

He had a couple songs he had been working on and I was fortunate enough to hear them then.   The first one is Map Dot Town, which personally resonated with me. Growing up in small town Canada and leaving at an early age and seeing how some of my friends lives have turned out I feel blessed to have had the opportunities that I have been handed over the years and it was the small town that made me the person I am today.   It’s funny when you hear a song and how that song can just bring you to a time or place in your life.

Erik Dylan bringing the party at the Listening Room, Nashville – Photo: Corey Kelly

The other song that in my personal opinion is the most powerful on the album is Fishing Alone, dealing with a topic that unfortunately resonates with everyone: Loss and loneliness. This is a “Feels” album.  It takes you on a rollercoaster in a good way.  Willie Nelson T-Shirt is a rockin’ tune that will have you singing along by the 2nd chorus (and thinking about sending the track to your ex girlfriend) and the first single, Pink Flamingos, is so well written it may take a few listens to piece the story together.    This one sets the bar pretty high for 2017.   We encourage you to head over to wherever you grab your music and download it.

iTunes – Heart of a Flatland Boy

Amazon – Heart of a Flatland Boy Digital Download LINK

Physical SIGNED Copies can be purchased HERE.  And the cool part is Erik has done a limited run of Vinyl and it is also available on his website 

Corey Kelly / @CoreyKelly76

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