Four Chords And The Truth has quickly become Toronto’s premiere singer-songwriter event in Toronto. Host and organizer, Andrea England, continues to impress with yet another stellar night of talent gathered at the Dakota Tavern.

Four Chords And The Truth Toronto

Marc Jordan at The Dakota Tavern. Photo: Mike Highfield

Marc Jordan’s songs came to life through an admitted drug assisted divine intervention. Singing This, one song that was cut by Rod Stewart, Jordan had the audience entranced from the start. Throughout the evening Marc also performed his songs Marina Del Rey and the heart-wrenching piano ballad Little Lambs. Of course, for the last song of the evening, a Rhythm Of My Heart sing-a-long. His stories were raw, honest, comical and it was an absolute pleasure to hear the musings of such a hugely successful writer.

Tim Hicks Dakota Tavern

Tim Hicks at Four Chords And The Truth. Photo: Mike Highfield

Described as “…the most loved male Canadian country artist” Tim Hicks took the mic and showed us a slightly more introspective and somewhat sensitive side. Hicks performed his current single Forever Rebels, and the fun Worry About Me. But the song that stuck with me the most was Throw A Ball. A different approach then Hicks usually takes The song which he admittedly was nervous to perform, was a beautiful compliment for his son and the perfect tune to balance out his usual party anthems.

Tim Hicks Dakota Tavern Toronto

Tim Hicks enjoying his time at Four Chords. Photo: Mike Highfield

Andrea Ramolo Dakota Tavern Toronto

Andrea Ramolo at Four Chords And The Truth. Photo: Mike Highfield

Andrea Ramolo demonstrated the definition of an open book when it came to her turns in the round. Candidly discussing heartache and comfortably joking about living off of cans of tuna while barricaded in her apartment post breakup, Andrea performed her most recent confessions in a somewhat chronological order and had the audience along for the bittersweet ride. A powerhouse of vocals, Andrea has incredible control over her vocals and pours her entirety into her songs and performances.

Andrea Ramolo Dakota Tavern Toronto

Andrea Ramolo listening to Bill Bell at Dakota Tavern. Photo: Mike Highfield

Justin Nozuka Dakota Tavern Toronto

Justin Nozuka performs. Photo: Mike Highfield

Bill Bell, alongside a few surprise guests who joined him throughout the evening demonstrated the beauty of co-writes. He brought the incredible Justin Nozuka (Four Chords alumni) up to perform their song Soulless Man, the legendary Tom Cochrane to perform Crawl and Justine Giles to perform the Jason Mraz song I Won’t Give Up.

Damhnait Doyle Dakota Tavern Toronto

Damhnait Doyle at Four Chords And The Truth. Photo: Mike Highfield

Damhnait Doyle stepped in to assist as host for this 11th instalment of FCATT as the creator and usual host, Andrea England was feeling a bit under the weather. Though Andrea was certainly missed, she could not have asked a better person to fill in. Dahmnait’s depth of personality was shown as she switched between laugh inducing host to soul-baring, hauntingly honest singer/songwriter. Damhnait performed Better Life and the freshly penned political anthem I Can See You, which was a powerful, honest and chill inducing. Truly spectacular.

Unsurprisingly, the next instalment of confessions has already sold out for February 22nd at The Dakota Tavern before a lineup is even announced. This event is unlike any other for our area and we couldn’t be happier that it is as successful as it is. Looking forward to the new year and the 12th instalment of Four Chords And The Truth.

Review: Bianca Bernardi

Photos: Mike Highfield

More Photos:

Tom Cochrane Dakota Tavern Toronto

Tom Cochrane as a surprise guest. Photo: Mike Highfield

Tom Cochrane Dakota Tavern Toronto

Tom Cochrane at FCATT. Photo: Mike Highfield

Justine Giles Dakota Tavern Toronto

Justine Giles with Bill Bell. Photo: Mike Highfield

Marc Jordan Dakota Tavern Toronto

Marc Jordan at FCATT. Photo: Mike Highfield

Andrea England Dakota Tavern Toronto

Andrea England with Tim Hicks. Photo: Mike Highfield

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