We had a chance hang with Gord Bamford last month when he was in Toronto to talk about his upcoming release Neon Smoke.  

Gord’s 8th album Neon Smoke drops on January 19th and we chatted about putting this album together, why he chose to put out a full length album over an EP and why he is excited about the upcoming tour.  Check out our hang with Gord Bamford below…

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Upcoming Tour Dates…

NEON SMOKE Tour Dates:

January 24th, 2018                    Brampton, ON                  February 14th, 2018        Thunder Bay, ON

January 25th, 2018                    Nepean, ON                      February 15th, 2018        Winnipeg, MB

January 26th, 2018                    Windsor, ON                     February 16th, 2018         Regina, SK

January 27th, 2018                    Richmond Hill, ON            February 17th, 2018         Lloydminster, AB

January 28th, 2018                    St. Catherines, ON            February 18th, 2018        Whitecourt, AB

January 30th, 2018                    Meaford, ON                      February 20th, 2018        Fort Sask, AB

January 31st, 2018                    Brantford, ON                    February 21st, 2018       Camrose, AB

February 1st, 2018                     Burlington, ON                   February 23rd, 2018        Lethbridge, AB

February 2nd, 2018                    Milton, ON                         February 24th, 2018       Medicine Hat, AB

February 3rd, 2018                    Kingston, ON                      February 27th, 2018       Nanaimo, BC

February 4th, 2018                     Guelph, ON                       March 1st, 2018              Sidney, BC

February 6th, 2018                     Peterborough, ON             March 2nd, 2018             Kelowna, BC

February 7th, 2018                     Belleville, ON

February 8th, 2018                     Sherbrooke, QC

February 10th, 2018                   Halifax, NS

February 11th, 2018                   Moncton, NB

February 12th, 2018                   Sudbury, ON

Pics of Mr. Bamford

Gord Bamford Photo: Sean Sisk

Gord Bamford Photo: Sean Sisk RBC Ottawa Bluesfest

Gord Bamford Photo: Sean Sisk RBC Ottawa Bluesfest

Gord Bamford performs during CBMF 2017 – Photo: Corey Kelly

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