You have got to check out this video from Greta Van Fleet. Highway Tune freaking ROCKS!

We like to rock here at The Bus, and we’ve been rocking out to this gem for a short while now. Greta Van Fleet is a band from Frankenmuth, Michigan, which is just outside Detroit. They are young, but are playing well above their years with an amazing sound that is original but so very reminiscent of music that is literally decades older than they are. The first thing many who hear this song think is Zeppelin! And while they are not out to copy some of their musical influences (Led Zeppelin being one of them), that has got to be one huge compliment to a group of young 20 year olds that they are capable delivering such power and style. We were totally blown away the first time we heard this and it is not getting old for us at all. Signed to Republic Records, they released the 4 song EP Black Smoke Rising in late April 2017. Currently the band is touring throughout the U.S. and it sure would be amazing to see them come north of the 49th for a few gigs. Here are some links to the band to get you connected and more acquainted.

Greta Van Fleet:

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Video for Highway Tune by Great Van Fleet:





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