In Conversation with The Last Bandoleros

We had a chance to ask the fellas from The Last Bandoleros a few questions while the band was in town opening for Sting on his current tour.  Check out our questions below.

Your sound is described as a Tex Mex feel.  Hard to disagree.  How did you guys come to this sound after forming the band or was that always the direction from the start?
Our music is an amalgamation of four different musical tastes; rock n roll, country, pop and Tejano music- which is where that “Tex-mex” feel comes from.  Once our individual influences come together it creates The Last Bandoleros sound.  

The songs that you have assembled for the 6 song EP maybe tell us how those songs came to life?  And how many songs did you have to chose from to get down to the 6 tracks?
We wrote a whole album flying back and forth between Brooklyn and San Antonio in a matter of 3 or 4 months.  The songs came fast and furious, like playing musical ping-pong with our ideas among 4 creative songwriters.  Once we had a full albums worth, it was challenging to only pick 6 to share with first time listeners.  We think the EP gives a great representation of our range and sound as a band, but we can’t wait to release the full length later this year!   

Where did you guys record the EP?  And how long did it take to come to life?  
We recorded the basic foundation of the EP in 2 studios.  One in San Antonio and one in Los Angeles.  The majority of the work was done in Derek and Jerry’s Brooklyn home studio in their basement.  We have the luxury of having a producer and engineer in the band (Jerry) so we were able work at our own pace, often early into the morning.  The whole thing came together in about a year.

Song Writing vs.  Recording vs. Performing.  Which of these do you fellas prefer and why?
Part of the fun of being a musician is doing all of those things.  Each offers something different and exciting.  Song writing is a labor of love, challenging and a chance to express ourselves.  By recording, we can share the music a wider audience.  But if pressed to pick one, performing live is really where The Last Bandoleros come to life.  
How has the current tour been going and what song seems to get the biggest reaction during your set?
Touring with Sting has been a dream come true.  We are learning so much every day from one of the best in the business.  Sting has been extremely generous to us, and we hope he’s having as much fun with us as we are with him.  The crowd goes nuts when Sting joins us on “Where Do You Go?”   “Take Me To It” has the crowd clapping along and is probably our highest energy tune in our set, and leads into a curve-ball with “I Don’t Want To Know” that people seem to really dig.

Favourite part about coming to play in Canada?
Poutine and kind human beings!  Canada is a gorgeous country and its been so much fun meeting so many wonderful people and sharing our music with them.  
Social Media, How has it helped you guys spread the word about the Last Bandoleros?  And how do you guys like to use it?
Our favorite part about social media is the instant and direct connection we get to have with fans, especially the day after a gig hearing from people that have just seen us for the first time.  Diego is our social media expert when he’s not entertaining us with magic tricks.   
Big thanks to the guys for answer the questions and a HUGE thanks to Warner Music Canada for introducing us to the band.
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