Old Dominion’s Happy Endings Tour Stops in Abbotsford

Old Dominion’s first world tour, named after the group’s second album ‘Happy Endings’, rolled into Abbotsford, BC.   A sold-out arena eagerly awaited its first glimpse of the current holder of both the US and Canada’s number one country song.  But they would have to wait as Old Dominion brought some pretty talented friends with them on the tour’s first leg across western Canada.  Two of Canada’s most promising country groups that are at opposite ends of the country spectrum will get things going.  Cold Creek County brings rock’n’roll to the forefront while local favourites Washboard Union blend harmonies and a touch of bluegrass.

Cold Creek County

Cold Creek Country’s new lead singer Chas Anthony was making his debut in Western Canada with this tour.  The front-man Chas right off the bat showed that he is a dynamic and charismatic performer, taking the mic and launching into an insanely mile-high energy set.  Their confidence is also mile-high as they strut around the stage like rock stars, lead guitarist Trevor MacLeod in particular!  Although their music wasn’t well known by the crowd, it was certainly well received.  Cold Creek County might just want to tour out west a bit more often, just saying.

Cold Creek Country's Ches Anthony

Ches Anthony pours is out for a sold-out Abbotsford crowd

                                                                           Trevor MacLeod rocks ’em in Abbotsford

Jordan Honsinger does it all for Cold Creek County

Washboard Union Debut New Music at Home

 The Washboard Union are having a huge year.  Huge.  They’ve amassed a pile of awards, released hit song after hit song, and now find themselves on a major tour supporting one of the hottest musical acts in country music today.  Tour Bus has been lucky to see these guys several times over the last few months and we continue to be blown away by their musicality, their harmonies, and their ability to improve with every show.  It appears that touring with Old Dominion has forced them to up their game because they It helps that these songs make a huge impact with us.  The newest release, ‘What We’re Made Of’, is no exception.  Like many of The Washboard’s songs, the message is uplifting and the melody is toe-tapping.  It’s another sure hit by the reaction of the sold-out audience!  Backed by a full band behind them here, The Washboard Union’s sound is richer and fills the arena with pure joy as everyone sings along.  It’s hard to tell who is having the most fun, but my guess would be David, it’s always David.
Chris Duncombe of the Washboard Union

Chris Duncombe have banjo will travel

David Roberts of the Washboard Union

David Roberts loves that mandolin

Aaron Grain of the Washboard Union

Aaron Grain having fun in Abbotsford

Old Dominion

Old Dominion walked onstage in Abbotsford to a full house of fans eager for their first glimpse of the band on Canadian soil.  It’s an unlikely band that have found huge success very early in their career.  Initially songwriters and studio musicians, these guys found an ability to take life and write about it a little outside the box.  Lyrics that are both clever and catchy combined with amazingly simple yet hooks and melodies.  That recipe produced several hit songs for other established artists like Blake Shelton, Randy Hauser, Luke Bryan and The Band Perry.  Then they got one for themselves and the rest is history.

But this is the present, and these guys are here and the crowd is cheering and Matthew Ramsey steps up and launches ‘Song For Another Time’ and the magic begins.  Ramsey takes lead vocals for most songs and Brad Tursi impresses with some pretty fancy guitar work.  Ramsey expresses the gratitude that the entire band feels about the love they are feeling from the crowd and how the fans and country radio have played a huge part in their success. But it’s really about the songs, and the music, and Old Dominion has created a formula that seems to pump out great songs that on the surface have simple, catchy lyrics but have deeper meaning and show a maturity that should keep them in front of packed houses for years to come.  By the time ‘Snapback’ closes the finale, Old Dominion has indeed created a happy ending, and probably a legion of new fans as well.

Matthew Ramsey of Old Dominion in Abbotsford

Matthew Ramsey of Old Dominion making all the wrong turns

Geoff Sprung of Old Dominion at Abbotsford

Geoff Sprung lays down a mean bass line

Brad Tursi of Old Dominion in Abbotsford

Story and photos by Tom Paille (@tompaille on Instagram)

for more info on the bands, check their web info:

COLD CREEK COUNTY      WEBSITE   Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

WASHBOARD UNION   WEBSITE  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram

OLD DOMINION     WEBSITE   Facebook  Twitter  Instagram

Morey Photos…

Washboard Union at Abbotsford

Old Dominion perform on the Happy Endings Tour in Abbotsford – Photo Tom Paille

Old Dominion perform on the Happy Endings Tour in Abbotsford – Photo Tom Paille

Old Dominion perform on the Happy Endings Tour in Abbotsford - Photo Tom Paille

Old Dominion perform on the Happy Endings Tour in Abbotsford – Photo Tom Paille

Old Dominion perform on the Happy Endings Tour in Abbotsford - Photo Tom Paille

Old Dominion perform on the Happy Endings Tour in Abbotsford – Photo Tom Paille

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