Jake Owen at Lucknow. Photo: Mike Highfield

Jake Owen headlined Lucknow Music in the Fields in 2017, capping off festival season with a bang — and it was a pretty incredible time. Lucknow itself consistently puts on a great event, well run with great people and great staff. From the pit, it’s always easy to see the crowd having a great time, and this year’s festivities were no exception.

I was actually staying in a trailer backstage with a colleague when we were woken up by Jake’s trailers pulling in at what could only be described as a ridiculous hour. In the morning we woke up to his fleet: two tractor trailers and a massive tour bus, all custom painted and detailed in seafoam green and white, with flamingos. The latter, resembling a large VW bus, was pretty great.

Jake Owen, all smiles at Lucknow. Photo: Mike Highfield

Later the night, I couldn’t miss checking out Tom Cochrane’s performance from the wings at Main Stage, as he’s always been someone I’ve loved growing up. Jake was already up there, taking in the show. When I asked him if he was a fan of Tom, he replied “of course,” adding something along the lines of Tom being a true classic — all with a big smile on his face.

Jake Owen has a pretty elaborate stage set up and large backup band, and shooting his set was a lot of fun. While temperatures dropped down pretty low that night, that didn’t stop the Florida native from performing barefoot, as though he was back home in the sunshine. There was no shortage of amazing opportunities to grab some solid snaps, and as Jake isn’t too hard on the eyes to begin with, it was a great set to photograph.

Jake Owen at Lucknow. Photo: Mike Highfield

Jake’s performance also happened to be the same night as the much-anticipated Mayweather/McGregor fight, so naturally someone (Brent Farva with Washboard Union) rigged up the fight in The Washboard Union‘s trailer. Thankfully those guys happen to be one of the best smelling bands in Canada (due to the beard oils I’m sure) because with half of Jake’s band, along with maybe 20 others crammed into the trailer to watch, there wasn’t much room to breathe. Overall, Lucknow was a hell of a time — one that’s going to be pretty hard to top, but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to try. Oh, and don’t miss Jake at Fallsview Casino later this month!

Mike Highfield /  @highfieldimages

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Jake Owen. Photo: Mike Highfield

Jakes band. Photo: Mike Highfield

Jake Owen. Photo: Mike Highfield

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