Does the music ever make you want to JUMP? Well, it certainly made these artists leave the ground. 

It’s always a fun thing to capture a musician catching some air during a concert. I just love the energy some people release on stage while they are performing. And often, they can get really high. The crowd loves it too, so it really adds to the excitement of the show.

Sometimes you catch it and sometimes you don’t. But when you do it’s always special. Today I present to you a collection of some of my favourite jump shots that I have gathered over the years. A few of these were captured because I knew the artist was going to do it, so I set up and waited for the moment. But there are a number of these pics where I just happened to turn and see them getting ready to leap, and I fired in the hopes that I got it. I hope you like the Pics From The Pit that is all about the jump! In fact, I’ve got so many that I may need to do a second Pics From The Pit. Let’s start here for today, but stay tuned for Part 2. Cheers!  Scott

Gloryhound performs at WTFest. Photo: Scott Burns

I Mother Earth performs at The Phoenix Concert Theatre. Photo: Scott Burns

DOA performs at Riot Fest. Photo: Scott Burns

Monster Truck performs at Big Music Fest. Photo: Scott Burns

Quiet Riot performs at CNE Stadium in ’84. Photo: Scott Burns

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