We had a chance to catch up with Open Road Recordings artist Dean Brody earlier this week to talk about his new single 8th Day.  

You co-wrote 8th day with Matt Rovey what was the inspiration behind the song?
We were both familiar with the saying “ on the eighth day God made a farmer.” We thought it would be cool to celebrate the unique nature of country girls.. hopefully we got it right!
Where did you write this one?
Between Toronto and Nashville
Beautiful Freakshow is a fantastic album, with so many great songs.  What was it about 8th Day that you wanted it to be the next single?
It has a fun element to it. Not serious at all. It was a fan favourite from the beginning when the album dropped so we thought – let’s release this one as a single and see what happens
How many songs did you write for Beautiful Freakshow and will any of the others see the light of day?
9. We were so busy with touring that I really only wrote for the album, no extras! And then we included the Sam Cooke classic, Another Saturday Night. I’ve already written more than nine for the upcoming album though. I want to be ahead of the game this time !
You have some upcoming stripped down performances on the East Coast later this month what can the fans expect from these shows?
A storytelling, intimate kitchen party kind of vibe. Stripped down and personal with some acoustic instruments thrown in that we don’t normally get the chance to do, like dobro and accordion and maybe even … the spoons
It was a HUGE Summer for you, What is one of the big highlights from the summer of 2017?
Definitely Fans choice award. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my amazing fans.
Thanks to Dean for taking the time to answer a few questions for #TheBus….
And be sure to grab 8th Day now…  And head over to our INSTAGRAM page for a chance to win a signed Poster from Dean!

Pics of Dean…

Dean Brody – Photo: Sean Sisk

Beautiful Freakshow Tour Hamilton

Killer kickoff at the sold out Hamilton show! Photo: Mike Highfield

Beautiful Freakshow Tour Hamilton

Dean can’t stay still. Photo: Mike Highfield

Dean Brody performs on the Beautiful Freak Show Tour in London ON. Photo: Bill Woodcock

Dean Brody – Photo: James Bennett

Dean Brody performs at Tribute Communities Centre, Oshawa – Beautiful Freakshow Tour. Photo: Scott Burns

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