3rd Annual Red Truck Brewery Concert Series – Weekend #1

With the hugely popular and rapidly rising art of craft breweries, hosting a concert series is a perfect fit in promoting your brand (and boosting sales).  Red Truck Brewery in Vancouver is again hosting a series of three weekends of music this summer and have opened their doors to a diverse public of music lovers and beer fans alike.  The first date went this past Saturday and had six acts from near and far entertain the sold-out crowd.  Two stages kept the wait times between acts short and the rain held off, for the most part, which helped keep the party crowd going.

Sam Wins

The first act of the day actually won his spot in the line-up with an online contest held by the Brewery.  Sam the Astronaut won with most online votes for a submitted original video and came all the way from Port Moody.  Although their bio states a 2-man band, there were four young lads rocking their best for a sparse early crowd.  No lack of energy on this stage.  Belting out heavy and frequently harsh lyrics, Sam and the boys quickly got the beer line-up’s attention.

Band of Rascals

The first act on the main stage was Victoria’s Band of Rascals.  I really liked this band right from the start.  Really strong guitar playing from Marcus Manhas and smooth vocals from a foot-in-a-cast Sam Trainor were almost overshadowed by some impressive hair flipping.  By the time they got to their big hit ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’, the Island boys had gained several hundred new fans for sure!


Next up is another Victoria area band, Liinks.  They are Georgia Murray who has the vocals with style and attitude, and DWhiz who has the house vibe.  These guys had the crowd jumping.


The main stage got to rocking again when Youngblood cranked it back up.  Vancouver-based, with lead singer Alexis Young’s sultry and powerful vocals demanding your attention, Youngblood’s sound is dream pop or ‘what the 60’s thought the future should sound like’, and it is engaging.  Young’s stage presence makes them a band you need to see live.  Personable, cheeky, confident and comfortable, she is hard to take your eyes off.  The band added a guitarist, Louis Wu, to the lineup from their last performance last month opening for Midnight Oil, and they sound even better.

Dirty Radio

Two-thirds of Dirty Radio was on stage here as Shadi (Farshad Edalat) and Waspy (Zachary Forbes) pumped out their dance-R&B blend of synthesisers and drum pad driven electro-pop.  It’s bouncy and fun and had the beer-soaked crowd pulsing with arms and beer cans raised overhead.

Cut Copy

The only non-BC act on the bill was the headliner, Cut Copy who hail from down under.  They are an electronic music group that call themselves ‘chillwave’.  Lots of keyboards and guitars give their sound a mix of indie rock and house with lots of 80’s influences.  The crowd is feeding off their energy and not even noticing the light rain falling.  All in all, a great kick off to the summer of 2017, if only the weather would start helping a bit

All images and story by Tom Paillé

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