I got the tag from the team, I am in.  My turn to take a spin at my summer top 5…these always sound easier then they!

First day of fall is upon us already, well what better than a little ‘Flash Back Friday”…  so here goes my Top 5 from this summer.

What are the criteria for the images based on, truthfully just my faves.  With that said some bands have been excluded for legal reasons, like Guns N’ Roses…HOLY BUCKET LIST.

Wasn’t one of my busiest summers, twins slow ya down a touch I guess? But all and all a great summer, with lots of amazing music, shows, people and some great friends I only seem to see in the summer.


5/ Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers – Incredible show and the intensity on in Flea just awesome.


4/ Alan Doyle – Just love this with the cowd, the interaction  and you can tell Alan is in his happy place

3/ Father John Misty –   The light, the images just comes across very religiously.  The light dancing in this makes this image, if it was just atypical stage light…it be boring.

2/ The Headstones –  The view from the stage! Just friggin’ cool, all those people, Parliament hill.  Just rockin’ roll


1/ Tim Hicks – Sometimes is comes in handy know the artist. Tim nailed this one, thanks Tim! All you in this one.

What a great summer! Thanks for looking, we got some cool things coming this fall in Ottawa, stay tuned, stay connected and watch for all kinds of music here at Tour Bus Ent.

Let me know your favourite or which of mine you’da like to see here.

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