We had a chance to chat with Brandon Ray about his brand new single Ends of the Earth.  This one has some pretty heavy hitters involved.   Check out our chat with Brandon.

The Bus:  Brandon, thanks so much for taking the time to chat about the new single.

Brandon: Man, thanks so much for having me.  I have been looking forward to this one.

The Bus:  So as of today you have a BRAND NEW Single out called Ends of the Earth.  You worked on this one with some pretty heavy hitters in Nashville.   Ross Copperman and Keith Urban to name a couple of people involved what was that experience like for you?

Brandon:  Well, I had actually written a song about a year ago with Ross that we were told was going to be cut by an artist and to be honest we never thought much about it after that.  We said we wanted to get another day on the books but as it goes he got busy and I was also touring lots so things never panned out.   Then Ross heard a radio interview that I did and reached out and we met up at a Starbucks and got to talking and it led to us going into the studio to record this cut.  And being in studio with Ross he truly is salt of the earth, genuine and one of the nicest guys I have ever met.   So when you are around him he is so positive and so encouraging and then you add Keith into the mix.  It was literally me and Ross acting like little kids because everything that Keith came up with and the ideas that he put down we just couldn’t believe it.   And just how unbelievable Keith was.  So ya, Ross and I were kinda freaking out over the phenomena that is Keith Urban.  And really was an amazing experience.

The Bus:  So maybe tell us how this song came to land in your lap?

Brandon:  The song was actually written by Ross and a couple other songwriters John Nite and a girl name Nicole Galyon and all 3 of those people have written more hit song than you could dream of.   Just look them up.   So I heard the song and said wow this is it. So I started playing the song out live and the reactions were incredible.  So, I put my vocal down on it and we showed it to Keith and he his response was incredible he said  he already knew where he wanted to go on this one. So that got us even more excited.   So we all got in the studio and Keith picked up a bass and layed down the bass on it and starts singing along and making up all these parts that you can still actually hear on the track.    He helped take it from “ya that’s a good song” to ” just a smash of a song”.  I am just so luck to have those guys on my team.

The Bus:   So a new single, does this mean the start of something bigger then for you such as an Album or and EP?

Brandon: Defiantly,  this is kind of the my first turn of the corner into my sound.  I had a couple of songs out previously American Way and That Could Be Us and they were great and had great success on Spotify and gave me an opportunity to tour throughout the US playing these songs and I am seeing people on every corner of the country singing right along and it’s really incredible.  But my sound has changed.  Just a little bit.  Before my sound was very “Mellencamp” banging guitars and that heartland sound.  And it still is that sound but it just has a bit more of a twist.   These songs just get stuck in your head.  And can’t wait for it all to come together.

The Bus:  Brandon, Dude, the single rocks.  Thanks so much for taking the time to chat today. And best of luck with the single.

Brandon:   No Thanks to You and Tour Bus Corey,  really appreciate it.

Be sure to head over and stream and grab the single – ENDS OF THE EARTH at the links below.


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