All For a Great Cause

Our friend Karen Daniels is the co-host of the morning show on Vancouver’s country radio station JRFM 93.7.  She is also someone who knows about Multiple Sclerosis and is not a fan.  Karen is doing her part to help fight back and so she got her friends The Washboard Union to join her at Nomad Restaurant on Main St. to help raise money to fund research to find a cure.  The Tour Bus was there to help spread the word and bring you some up-close and personal photos of the evening.

Meet and Greet

Aaron Grain, Chris Duncombe and David Roberts are The Washboard Union, Vancouver’s favourite country group.  These guys love playing and will play anywhere, like a tiny restaurant or the back of a bus The Washboard Union on a bus.  They are also really good with people face-to-face as pretty much everyone there will attest.  Photos, autographs, hugs, conversations…they share it all.  They even generously donated a package of merchandise for the silent auction, including these sweet beauties Sweet swag.

Heavenly Harmonies

Despite the tiny atmosphere of Nomad, the acoustics sounded amazing and the blend of three voices gave the crowd an experience of a lifetime.  ‘Maybe It’s the Moonshine’, ‘Shot of Glory’, ‘Head Over Heels’…all amazing songs in an acoustic set.  Everyone sang along and nearly drowned out the band.  And then came a moment no one will forget.  A staple of The Washboard Union set list is an a capella version of ‘Seven Bridges Road’, a song made famous by The Eagles and written by Steve Young.  The band usually dedicate the song to him, but on this day, with the news of Chris Cornell’s death, it goes out to him and strikes a soul-shaking chord with the audience.  Many not-so-dry eyes were spotted right then.  Makes you think about what’s really important, and that’s why Karen got this whole ball rollin’.

Photos & Words – Tom Paillé

Pics from the night…

Washboard Union in Vancouver – Photo: Tom Paillé













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