Tom Cochrane and Red Rider

The Vancouver club scene of the early 80’s is where Red Rider cut their ‘performing’ teeth, so a summertime date at the PNE Amphitheatre was an appropriate venue to wind down a cross-country tour celebrating 25 years of ‘Mad Mad World’s release.  Tom, with original members Kenny Greer (guitar, steel guitar, keyboards) and Jeff Jones (bass and backing vocals) and drummer Davide Direnzo brought back all the hits that made them a staple of 80’s FM radio. This was an evening of remembering, and singing and Tom was more than okay with that.  Hits like ‘Big League’ and ‘No Regrets’ were delivered as if you had dropped the needle in the groove while other songs had a different approach.  Acapella versions, acoustic versions, even a guest singer, Annette Ducharme, the author of ‘Sinking Like a Sunset’ joined the boys onstage to help out on those vocals.  The crowd was the biggest vocal participant of the night and although Tom had the microphone, the crowd had the numbers.  The words weren’t always right but the volume was on ’10’ all night.  When ‘Big League’ started, the cheers were loud but looking around, I noticed many eyes tearing up.  It’s a powerfully emotional connection that Tom has created with a song and it’s a surefire way to capture the audience and take them along.  Always a gracious host, Tom Cochrane shared the crowd’s appreciation with his talented band mates.  He was frequently expressing his deep gratitude for the fans’ faith and devotion that has provided them a life doing what they love and creating the music that has lifted and carried a generation of proud Canadians through tough times.  When the encore of ‘Lunatic Fringe’ and my favorite, ‘Boy Inside the Man’ was over,  it seemed weird that 90 minutes had passed so quickly.  Makes you wonder where the time, and years have gone.

Thanks again to the wonderful people at the PNE for having The Tour Bus out and stay tuned for more coverage from the summertime concert series.

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Bassist Jeff Jones of Red Rider rocking out

Tom Cochrane performs at the PNE in Vancouver

Davide Direnzo mans the kit for Red Rider

Tom Cochrane gets ‘Brave and Crazy’ at the PNE

Kenny Greer solos with Red Rider at the PNE

Tom getting some sustain during ‘Sinking Like a Sunset’

Tom watches Kenny killing it at the PNE

A little guitar face from Tom Cochrane at the PNE

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