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With the summer of 2017 winding down, the chief boss and whip cracker behind the wheel of the The Bus decided we needed more work.  Being the new kid on the block, I must comply so I have taken the assigned task to heart.  ‘Show us your best five images from the summer.’  With over 60 artists covered, it was some task!  So, here they are, in no particular order, with a brief blurb on why the shot was selected.

#1  Jojo Mason with Darren Savard

The image is all about the passion of performing. This shot was a favourite from the Gone Country Fundraiser.  Check out other pics here at country

#2 Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil

I picked this image of iconic frontman Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil because he commands attention with his entire personality.  Riveting!

Check some other shots of him and his band here: Midnight Oil, Still Rockers Conscience

#3 Dean Brody on the Beautiful Freakshow

I’m not usually a fan of dry ice down low on stage but this shot of Dean taken at the Abbotsford Entertainment Center really captures my eye.

Click here for a reminder of a great show:  Beautiful Freakshow makeover

#4 Tom Cochrane

This photo was a no-brainer pick for me.  Tom Cochrane and Red Rider have been a personal favourite since the days of ‘Don’t Fight It’ and ‘White Hot’.  Getting to photograph Tom twice this year has been one of my biggest thrills on The Bus this year so far.  The review as some equally awesome photos are here:  Tom Cochrane and Red Rider

#5  Meghan Patrick

Megan Patrick rockin’

I knew nothing about Meghan Patrick until she stepped on stage to open for Tom Cochrane and she made me an instant fan.

What’s not to love?  More of her, and that ‘other guy’ here:  Meghan Patrick opens the show

Hopefully, that should keep the boss happy for a little while…

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Tom’s Top 5

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